First Class Mail service delivery standard is an average of 3 to 5 days. If you are local, do not count on next day delivery.

If you are out-of-state, you should expect your delivery time could be significantly longer than average.

Regardless of where you’re mailing from, it is more important than ever that you mail well before the deadline in order to ensure timely delivery to our office. The deadline for receiving Vote-By-Mail ballots in this office remains 7 PM on Election Day.

Vote-By-Mail is a service offered by the Supervisor of Elections for registered voters who wish to vote in the comfort of their homes or those who may be away from St. Johns County. The deadline for requesting a ballot to be mailed is 5 PM on the sixth day prior to each election. To Access Our Online Vote-By-Mail Ballot Request Form Click Here

* VERY IMPORTANT * {Effective 1/1/2014}
If you request that a Vote-By-Mail ballot be mailed to an address that is NOT in your Voter Record, that request must be made in writing and contain all the required information as indicated below and must be signed by the voter. Vote-By-Mail Ballot Request Form (Use this form if your ballot needs to be mailed to an address not in your voter record) Please Note: This does not apply to military, military dependents, merchant marine, or overseas voters.


Any qualified, registered St. Johns County voter may Vote-By-Mail.

Vote-By-Mail ballots may be requested:

When requesting a Vote-By-Mail ballot, you must provide the following information:
  • Name
  • St. Johns county residence address
  • Date of birth
  • Location to send ballot
  • Telephone number
  • Signature (written requests only)

A Vote-By-Mail ballot may be requested by the voter's legal guardian, spouse, or immediate family member (parent, child, grandparent, or sibling). The requester must provide the following additional information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Relationship to voter
  • Driver’s license number (if available)
  • Requester’s signature (written requests only)

Within five (5) days of an election, a voter may authorize a designee (in writing) to pick up a Vote-By-Mail ballot, that designee must provide the above information in addition to completing the Affidavit to Pick Up a Vote-By-Mail Ballot for Voter form.

Election Day Vote-By-Mail Voting Effective 1/1/2014 {Per FS 101.62 (5)}

In-Office requests for a Vote-By-Mail Ballot on Election Day can only be made in the event of a personal emergency and only by the voter. To request a Vote-By-Mail Ballot on Election Day, the voter must complete & sign This Form. The form must be presented by the voter or their immediate family member at the time the request is made.

Return Absentee Ballots

All voted ballots must be in the Supervisor of Elections Office by 7 PM on Election Day, in order to be counted.

REMINDER: Voted Vote-By-Mail ballots cannot be turned in at the polls on Election Day.


How To Correct A Missing Signature Or Signature Difference On Your Vote-By-Mail Ballot


If you were notified by this office because you did not sign the Voter’s Certificate before returning your Vote-By-Mail Ballot OR because the signature does not match the voter’s signature on file, you must complete This Form and return it to our office not later than 5 PM on the day before the election. In addition to the completed form, you must also send a copy of an allowable identification as outlined in the form instructions. Complete instructions are included on the form.