Vicky Oakes

St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections

Vicky Oakes, Supervisor of Elections, is an Florida Certified Elections Professional with 27 years of experience conducting elections in St. Johns County. Vicky was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott on September 6, 2011. She was elected in 2012 to her first four-year term and became a State Certified Supervisor of Elections in January 2013. Vicky earned her Master Florida Certified Elections Professional Certification through the FSASE in January 2015.

Prior to her appointment, Vicky served for 23 years as the Assistant Supervisor of Elections. Her broad experience allows her to be a hands-on Supervisor and provides the knowledge necessary to lead the staff in all aspects of the operations necessary to provide the voters of St. Johns County with quality and cost effective elections.

Vicky is fully committed to ensuring the highest integrity of the election process and works diligently to the principal of insuring the right of every voter to cast their ballot and to know that it is counted.

Since becoming Supervisor of Elections, She has worked to:

  • Expand voter education programs throughout the county by taking the Elections Office out into our Communities during election years to register voters, raise awareness, and encourage voter participation.
  • Expand participation by the Elections Office in St. Johns Schools to provide students with hands on voting experience beginning at the Elementary School level. Work with the high school seniors who are eligible to register to vote, conduct school elections and educate students on the importance of voting.
  • Enhance the Elections Office website to provide more updated information to voters by allowing most services of the Office to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Reorganize the Office to reflect current technology, processes and needs of the voters with budget reduction as the main objective.
  • Expand opportunities for vote by mail voters to return their voted absentee ballots by initiating the red absentee ballot drop boxes throughout the county 3 weeks prior to each election.
  • Develop a volunteer program which allows trained volunteers to work with staff members in voter registration drives, education programs, Canvassing Board activities and other aspects of the office as needed
  • Initiate a Supervised Voting program in nursing home facilities

Vicky currently is a member of:

  • The Election Center National Assoc. of Election Officials
  • The Florida State Assoc. of Supervisors of Elections (FSASE)
  • Toastmasters

Vicky is a native Floridian, born in Duval County. Vicky moved to St. Augustine in 1983 and has resided here for 33 years.