The Supervisor of Elections office is responsible for reminding local government agents of financial disclosure submission deadlines and keeping these forms on file as required by law. The list of people required to file a financial disclosure is provided by the Florida Commission on Ethics. The Commission on Ethics obtains the names and addresses from coordinators for each local government agency.

Where can I find General Information about Filing Financial Disclosures?

You can find lots of information about financial disclosures in the commission's publication called "A Guide to the Sunshine Amendment and Code of Ethics". If you would like more information about financial disclosure laws, the Commission’s rules on financial disclosures or the Commission’s opinions and orders regarding the financial disclosure law, you can visit the Florida Commission on Ethics' website. For assistance or questions dealing with financial disclosures, you should contact the Commission's Financial Disclosure Coordinator

Where do I obtain Financial Disclosure Forms?

The Florida Commission on Ethics' website is where you will find a list of the forms necessary to file the disclosures required by the ethics laws. From that page you can view or print any forms you may need, read descriptions of who has to file which forms, what deadlines may apply, and what information must be reported. Here you will also be able to look up the coordinator for any State or local Government agency.