If you are a victim of domestic violence, stalking or aggravated stalking and participate in the Attorney General’s Address Confidentiality Program, your voter registration information will be protected from public disclosure. See sections 741.401 through §741.465, Fla. Stat. For further details, contact the Bureau of Advocacy and Grants Management in the Florida Office of the Attorney General at 850.414.3300.

Additionally, if you are a member of one of the high-risk professional classes (e.g., law enforcement, judge, prosecutor, firefighter, human resource officer, or a service member who served in armed forces, reserve forces, and National Guard after 9/11/2001 etc.) you may request that your address and certain other identifying information such as your date of birth within your voter registration record be protected from public disclosure. You must submit your request to the Florida Division of Elections or your Supervisor of Elections.

Public Records Exemption Request Form DOS-119

Family Member Records Exemption Form

 Section 119.071(4)(d)1., Fla. Stat.